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Books for Book Lovers: The Folio Society - Where Beautiful Books Live

I don't normally promote businesses on my blog but as it's Christmas I'm making an exception for the Folio Society (perhaps in the secret hope that one amongst my family or friends might treat me). If you are a true book-lover it's possible that like me you appreciate a book for it's aesthetic and tactile qualities almost as much as for content. In which case you may want to look at the beautifully bound offerings on the Folio Society website. These books are of enduring quality. Having said that, quality comes at a price. If you would like to give a very special edition of a book as a gift, or perhaps start of library of classics to pass on to the next generation,  this is the first place to look.  Some early editions have become collectors items.

Desiderata - Words for Life


Writer's Research Resource

Most people who enjoy writing and have ambitions to be published find that they need to research a topic at some point. Which can sometimes be problematic. I'm lucky at the moment because I'm studying with the Open University and have online access to a huge database of books. But my studies end in June and then the resource will no longer be available to me. That's when I may need to turn to an online resource where there are millions of books that you can preview or sometimes read for free. Researchers simply need to type their subject into the search box and a long list of books with appear.  If there isn't a digital copy of the book that you want the site tells you where one can be borrowed or bought. It even comes up with a list of libraries near to your postcode address. Magic.

Candide - an irrepressible optimist