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Haiku for my father

I wrote this haiku on a wet morning, looking out on my garden to the patio where the remaining plants from my father's greenhouse wait to be planted out.

  Father, fond farewell.
                                                     Dark clouds pour pelting raindrops
                                                     Drench weeping fuchsias.

My Dad loved gardens and gardening. At one time he had over 120 different varieties of fuschia and only a few weeks ago, at the age of 91, was growing bedding plants and planting up hanging baskets for family and a handful of old customers. He died unexpectedly on the 14th June 2015 and we are having his funeral on Friday. His last few weeks were wonderful. He went on a short cruise of the Channel Islands with his son-in-law, calling at France to visit Monet's garden; and three days before he died my son took him out for dinner at a favourite pub.