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Merry Hall by Beverley Nichols (1898-1983)

The books that I discovered in my father's loft after his death are turning out to be a treasure trove of delights. Before finding the collection I suffered from the delusion that I was reasonably well read. But I have found books by authors about whom I previously knew nothing, or very little, yet who were, or are, very well-known in the post-war years (I am old enough to still refer to WW2 as 'the' War).

Currently I am reading Merry Hall, by Beverley Nichols, which was first published in 1951. What can I tell you about the book and its author? It is a charming and witty book that will delight anyone who is interested in gardens (Nichols is best remembered as a writer of gardening books though his range was extensive) and anyone interested in the social history of an England that has long-vanished - vanished unless you happen to be Prince Charles and live in Highgrove House

Merry Hall is autobiographical writing - the first in a trilogy of books about the discovery, purchas…