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Stop Trying to 'Find' Yourself

Here's something for navel contemplators to meditate on -

The authors of The Path: A New Way to Think About Everything endorse the 2000-year old stance of Confucious, who thought that looking within was a futile exercise. Why so? Because it seems that there is no true self and no means to finding a self by looking within. Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh write that what you would find by undertaking this exercise is nothing more than a snapshot of that particular moment. Who we are at any given moment is ephemeral - it arises from our constantly changing interactions with other people.

     Confucious suggested that by living life 'as if' - the opposite of the sincere, authentic approach to ourselves - we will become better people. We should not the poor patterns of behaviour that have become habitual and work to change them - 'as if' we were different, better, people in that moment. So we should greet someone cheerfully, even if feeling low in that moment; be c…

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Lord of the Flies is, as you know, a contemporary classic. So, you might ask, how have I got to the age of xx without reading it before now. Well, I suppose it's because I didn't particularly enjoy the film all those years ago.

To be honest, I picked up the book at the library because there were lean pickings in the bin of books available for the Three Book Challenge by the time I got around to it. And I was pleasantly surprised, though I had to speed read because my three-week challenge ends today and I have to return the book to the library. Nevertheless, I was very pleasantly surprised - because, as you might expect from somebody who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, William Golding is a superb master of his craft.

First published in 1954, the edition that I have been reading was published for the William Golding Centenary in 2011 and has an introduction by Stephen King.  He writes that the novel is 'as exciting, relevant and thought-provoking now as when Golding publis…