Who Do You Read? And Who Do You Write Like?

It's fun to analyze my writing on the iwl.me website - but I'm uncertain about how accurate is the analysis.

I have now copied and pasted four separate pieces of my writing into the window and come up with three different writers. Twice I have been informed that I write like David Foster Wallace. I won't lie - I had never heard of him. So,naturally, I read his bio on Wikipedia. It was pretty impressive so I ordered a couple of his books from the library. I am now a few pages into Girl With Curious Hair and frankly - I hate it.

So I then input a section the autobiography that I am ghost-writing - my father's life up the end of WW2. The result? I write like George Orwell. Perhaps a bit closer to my style than DFL. I like to think so.

Confused and curious, I input one of my blog posts and guess what - I write like Arthur Conan Doyle. I was compelled to read one of his Sherlock Holmes novels for my Degree in English Literature and,frankly, didn't particularly enjoy it.

So I've analysed this blog post and here's the result -

James Joyce was a Modernist writer. I also read some of his work for my Degree - The Dubliners. It was hard going - but I came to enjoy it - eventually.

I can only conclude that we absorb a little of the style of each of the books that we read and end up with our own unique discourse. The problem with the iwl.me website is that there are only 51 writers available for comparison. Fay_Weldon, one of the writers whose work I enjoy the most, and who I would like to emulate, doesn't appear.

As I said - it's five minutes of fun. Here's the link - http://iwl.me/about/

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