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A Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

I'm a fan of Mr McEwan's writing and this latest offering didn't disappoint. Set in 1970s England, a girl fresh out of Cambridge with a Maths degree is recruited to a junior post in MI5. She is tasked with recruiting an author whose writing, it is felt, will help to promote anti-communist propaganda. The plot turns into a love story with a surprising twist at the end. If you are a writer you might find, as an interesting bonus, an insight into a creative writers' thought processes amongst the pages. If you haven't yet read Ian McEwan's books I recommend his Booker Prize -winning Abandonment (made into the film starring Keira Knightley); Amsterdam; and The Children Act.

I may have an inferiority complex about huge gaps in my reading (why else who anybody embark upon a literature degree in their sixties - but it seemed like a good idea at the time) because I feel a strange compulsion to read stuff mentioned in books by writers who I admire. Which is how, after…