UNESCO City of Literature Project

Have you checked to find out if you live in or near a UNESCO City of Literature? I found out recently that my nearest city, Nottingham, was granted this status in 2015. How did I miss that? If you check the UNESCO map or carry out an internet search you can quickly find out if a city close to you has been granted this status. Once you have done that you will be able to find out what is happening locally - talks, presentations, literary walks, requests for submissions, and much more.Whether you are a writer or a reader there will be something to grab your attention.

Historically, Nottinghamshire has produced internationally acclaimed writers who have stood the test of time, laying claim to Lord Byron, D.H.Lawrence, Stanley Middleton and Alan Sillitoe. There are also many contemporary writers working in and around the city, many of whom have a strong sense of place - John Harvey and Nicola Monaghan have located stories in Nottingham, and the poets Rosie Garner and Derrick Buttress have drawn on the local environment as inspiration for their poems.

Here's a link to a worldwide map showing UNESCO Cities of Literature  http://en.unesco.org/creative-cities/home

and here's a link to the Nottingham City of Literature website http://nottinghamcityofliterature.com/our-community


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